Liquorice & Aniseed

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Here at Life is Sweet, buy your favourite Liquorice and Aniseed Sweets from Pontefract Cakes, Aniseed Balls, Liquorice Allsorts, we also have Liquorice from Belgium and Sweden from Liquorice Bonbons, Liquorice & Ginger, Zout Diamonds, and many more.

Liquorice Allsorts Black & White Mints Torpedos

Liquorice Allsorts 

Black & White Mints  Liquorice Torpedoes 
Comfits   jelly Buttons  Liquorice Cream Rock
Liquorice Comfits  jelly Buttons  Liquorice Rockies
Lions Liquorice Tablets Lions Poor Bens Liquorice Cuttings
Lions Liquorice Tablets  Lions Poor Bens  Liquorice Cuttings 
Pontefract Cakes    Liquorice Toffees
Liquorice Pontefract Cakes   Liquorice Toffees
Blackcurrant & Liquorice Aniseed Balls Liquorice & Aniseed
Blackcurrant & Liquorice   Aniseed Balls  Liquorice & Aniseed 
Aniseed Twists   Black Jacks
Aniseed Twists  Black Jacks  Liquorice Flyers 
 Liquorice Wands Bassetti Hard Liquorice Sticks   Catherine Wheels
Liquorice & Ginger  Caramel & Liquorice   Cherry & Chilli Liquorice 
  Venco School Chalk   Zout Diamonds