Retro and Novelty

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We are sure our range of great tasting classic retro and novelty sweets will be sure to fill you with those fond memories of your treasured childhood. 

Fruit Salads  Black Jacks  Refreshers 
Fizzers  Palma Violets   Anglo Bubbly 
Small Love Hearts  Double Lollies  Drumstick Lollies
Barratt Sherbet Fountain  Barratt  Dip Dab   Rainbow Drops 
Love Heart Dip (individual) Fruit Salad Chewits (individual)  
Giant Fizzers   Love Hearts (individual)  Milk Chews 
 Strawberry Fizz Wizz 

Cola Fizz Wizz 

Wham Bar   Refresher Bar   Strawberry Refresher Bar 
 Strawberry  Jawbreakers  Sour Jawbreakers    Tropical Jawbreakers 
 Fire Blast  Lottery Loot  Icy Cups  
 Flying Saucers  Ice Bricks   Foam Ice Cream Cones 
Foam Bananas   Jelly Filled Snails  Jelly Filled Strawberries 
Yellow Belly Snake  Candy Whistle  Candy Lipstick 
Flumps  Brain Licker Lickedy Lips 
 Yellow Toxic Waste  Red Toxic Waste  Vimto seriously big candy spray  
Candy Necklaces  Candy Watches  Blackcurrant Pencils 
 Strawberry Pencils  Fizzy Strawberry Belts  Fizzy Blue Raspberry Belts